Potato Chips Dewatering Machine Introduction

Potato chips dewatering machine, equipped with a shockproof system, is suitable for dewatering and drying the washed leaf vegetables, blanched poato chips.  The vegetable centrifuge dewatering machinecan also be used for other proper foodstuffs. As a professional vegetable and food machine supplier, we can also provide vegetable washing machine, blanching machine, drying oven, etc. as you required.

vegetable dehydrator machine food centrifuge

Leafy Vegetable Centrifuge Application

Leafy food processing plant can employ the food centrifuge to dehydrate leaf vegetables before drying, which eases drying machine working load in significant measure. It is the indispensable vegetable processing equipment to dewater and dry leafy vegetables and are popular in the vegetable processing industry such as bagged vegetable, pickles plant, dried vegetables, etc. It is also the potato chips dehydrator machine in the small potato chips plant.

vegetable centrifuge priceCommercial Vegetable Spin Dryer Features

◆ Centrifugal equipment ensures stable working.
◆ High-quality stainless steel, durable.
◆ Easy and safe to operate.
◆ Digital-automatic control helps saving time, labor and investment.
◆ Products conform to hygiene standards.

Why Are Dehydrated Vegetables Welcome

◇ Intensified flavors.
◇ Easy to store and transport.
◇ Natural, healthy and inexpensive.
◇ Save on waste.

Leafy Vegetable Dehydrator Machine Parameters

Model Capacity Power Overall dimension
ALDM-10 8-10 kg/time 0.75 kW/380V 940*560*830 mm
ALDM-20 15-20 kg/time 1.1 kW/380V 1050*660*930 mm
ALDM-30 25-30 kg/time 1.5 kW/380V 1180*750*930 mm
ALDM-40 35-40 kg/time 2.2 kW/380V 1280*820*1000 mm
ALDM-55 50-55 kg/time 4 kW/380V 1400*1400*700 mm
ALDM-80 65-80 kg/time 5.5 kW/380V 1620*1620*865 mm
ALDM-140 110-114 kg/time 7.5 kW/380V 1920*1920*935 mm