This banana chips line is suitable for the small-scale banana chips production: 30kg/h, 60kg/h, and 150 kg/h.

banana chips small scale industry

Main Processing Machines in Small Banana Chips Plant

Banana Peeling Machine Remove the peel of bananas
 Banana slicing machine Cut banana into pieces
Banana chips blanching machine  Blanch bananas and keep the color of the banana chips
De-watering machine   Remove the water from the banana chips
Banana chips Frying machine Fry the chips and get crispy chips
 De-oiling machine Remove the extra oil from the banana chips
Flavoring machine  Season the fried chips, the flavor depends on you
 Packing machine Pack the banana chips into plastic bags

Features of Small Scale Banana Chips Production Line

1. The whole banana chips line is made of stainless steel, long working life.
2. The banana chips line can process banana and plantain into packed fried banana chips.
3. The banana chips plant can also be adjusted to produce potato chips and French fries.
4. Stable running, good performance, simple operation.

Technical Data of 30Kg/hr Small  Banana Chips Plant

No.  Model Item Name  Power Weight Size
 1  IFC300  Banana Slicing Machine 0.75kw/380V 90kg  540*820*1060mm
 2  PT1000 Blanching Machine  15kw/380V 50kg  1310*650*700mm
 3  TS500 De-watering Machine  0.75kw/380V 400kg 940*560*830mm
 4  DYZ1000  Frying Machine  21kw/380V 120kg  1380*620*950mm
 5  TY500  De-oiling Machine  0.75kw/380V 400kg  940*560*830mm
 6  BL800  Flavoring Machine 0.75kw/220V  90kg  1000*800*1380mm
 7  ICP400-2S Vacuum and Nitrogen Packing Machine  1kw/380V  80kg  540*520*920mm