Small Potato Chips Plant


Small potato chips plant is flexible to install for potato chips processing. We offer customized service for small potato chips line. Ideal snack investment.

Small Potato Chips Plant2021-08-09T11:58:33+08:00

Fully Automatic Frozen Fries Plant


This is a large output production line to produce good quality frozen French fries. It has the advantages of high automation, simple operation and energy-saving.

Fully Automatic Frozen Fries Plant2021-08-09T11:58:47+08:00

Small French Fries Plant


This french fries plant is special for making frozen French fries in a small scale. 100kg/h, 200kg/h and 400kg/h, three capacity model for your choice.

Small French Fries Plant2021-08-09T11:59:00+08:00

Baked Compound Potato Chips Production Line


Compound potato chips baking production line uses potato flakes as the raw material through mixing, pressing, forming, baking, spraying, seasoning, cooling and packing process. With high automation, simple & stable operation and lower cost, this line is welcomed by food manufacturers at home and abroad.

Baked Compound Potato Chips Production Line2019-10-29T10:30:30+08:00

Oil-fried Compound Potato Chips Production Line


Compound oil-fried potato chips production line processes potato powder into potato chips through mixing, pressing, rolling, frying, seasoning & packing. The line has advantages of high-quality potato chips, low oil loss, top quality material, accurate control of frying system, excellent oil filtration system.

Oil-fried Compound Potato Chips Production Line2019-10-29T10:31:16+08:00

Small Banana Chips Plant


This small banana chips plant is suitable for the small-scale banana chips production from 30kg/h to 150 kg/h. Long working life. Stable running. Good performance.

Small Banana Chips Plant2019-10-28T16:49:04+08:00

Automatic Banana Chips Plant


Our full-automatic banana chips plant is applicable to process large production banana chips. We offer 60/150/300kg/h capacity models for you.

Automatic Banana Chips Plant2019-10-28T17:39:56+08:00

Vacuum Packaging Machine


Vacuum packing machine is a machine to create a vacuum state in the packing bags, which prevents packaged food oxidizing, damping and molding, so as to extend the shelf life of the products. It is used to pack potato chips, French fries, banana chips and so on.

Vacuum Packaging Machine2020-08-31T16:56:43+08:00

Potato Chips Seasoning Machine


The seasoning machine is widely used in the whole production line of fried food, such as potato chips, onion chips, etc. It can season any kind of food. And can mix the raw material and flavor evenly in a short time.

Potato Chips Seasoning Machine2019-11-27T17:07:22+08:00

Deoiling Machine


The potato chips de-oiling machine is mainly used to remove the surface oil of potato chips so that the potato chips look and taste better. Advanced centrifugal technology to guarantee maximum de-oiling.

Deoiling Machine2019-10-25T17:56:37+08:00

Chips Frying Machine


We offer various kinds of chips frying machines. No matter you are in small potato chips production business or large scale potato chips manufacture, you can find satisfying chips frying machines at a reasonable price here.

Chips Frying Machine2019-10-25T17:04:28+08:00

Potato Chips Cutting Machine


This potato cutting machine is suitable for potato hard vegetable slicing or slicing. It is an ideal machine for the fast-food industry to process potato chips.

Potato Chips Cutting Machine2020-08-31T17:27:29+08:00

Banana Slicer Machine


Banana chips slicing machine use to cutting banana chips, plantain chips, it can cut round chips and elliptical chips. Easy operation, only has on and off button.

Banana Slicer Machine2019-10-28T11:02:31+08:00

Instant Freezer Machine


French fries instant freezer machine is to freeze french fries, fruits, vegetables, snacks or pasta products quickly. Large capacity, low cost.

Instant Freezer Machine2019-10-25T11:16:36+08:00

Potato Peeler Machine


Potato peeler machine adopts silicon carbide for peeling root vegetables or fruits for food, potato chips, and other snack processing. Suitable for small scale operation.

Potato Peeler Machine2019-10-25T11:05:31+08:00

Screw Type Potato Peeler Machine


This spiral potato peeling machine adopts the screw blade to push the round or oval vegetables and fruits for continuous washing and peeling. It is a screw type vegetable brush washer.

Screw Type Potato Peeler Machine2019-11-27T17:09:00+08:00

Potato Chips Dewatering Machine


Potato chips dewatering machine is to remove the surface water of leafy vegetables, potato chips for easy storage and freshness. It can also be used for processing potato chips and other food.

Potato Chips Dewatering Machine2019-10-25T15:26:05+08:00

Potato Chips Blanching Machine


Potato chips blanching machine is suitable for various kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, and nut blanching and enzyme deactivating. The heat source can be steam, electricity and heat conduction oil.

Potato Chips Blanching Machine2019-10-25T15:19:47+08:00

Continuous Potato Chips Dryer & Deoiling Machine


Potato chips dryer machine is used for removing the surface water of blanched potato chips or removing the excess oil of fried potato chips. Adopt high-pressure fans and mesh belt of multiple turnings, having a good effect.

Continuous Potato Chips Dryer & Deoiling Machine2020-06-10T17:33:25+08:00

Drum Type Chips Flavoring Machine


Potato chip seasoning machine can apply seasonings to the potato chips continuously and automatically. Adopt rotary drum for seasoning, achieving uniform seasoning effect.

Drum Type Chips Flavoring Machine2020-06-10T17:47:58+08:00

Chips Tunnel Freezer


Chips tunnel freezer is a food quick-freezing device with mature structure, stable performance, and high output. These high-performance tunnels are at their best for products with the high surface-to-volume ratio, such as potato chips, pancakes, hamburgers, pasta.

Chips Tunnel Freezer2020-06-12T17:06:08+08:00

Automatic Chips Packing Machine


Automatic potato chips packaging machine is popular in automatic potato chips plant and frozen french fries plant, and it is widely used in packaging products industries.

Automatic Chips Packing Machine2020-06-12T17:06:40+08:00

Banana Peeling Machine


Banana peeling machine has the green banana and ripe banana peeler type to remove banana peel from flesh automatically. With advantages of automatic smooth peeling, high-efficiency & low-loss, banana peeler has successfully filled the gap of the banana processing industry.

Banana Peeling Machine2020-06-12T17:15:59+08:00

Tornado Potato Machine


Tornado potato machine applies to snack shops of any size, low investment but quick money earner, perfect investment choice for the food business.

Tornado Potato Machine2020-06-12T17:15:18+08:00
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