Sausage Tying Machine Introduction

Sausage tying machine is used for twisting and clipping final filled sausage. The semi automatic sausage knotting machine is ideal for tying in continuous rows. The tying speed and length of the sausage can be easily adjusted.

Sausage linking machine

Note: Remember, when using this machine, do not pack the casing tightly. The tying process will compress the meat when it squeezes the casing. Ties up to 100 links per minute. Especially important with small links, you may have to not pack meat in casing to tightly to allow for knot.

Structure of Sausage Binding Machine

The machine is composed of frame, sausage binding part and electric part.
Control of sausage linking machine: Control panel with function keys.

Features of Sausage Tying Machine

Sausage binding machine details show

(1)No electric power source, pneumatic control, safe and reliable.
(2) Suitable for customers to use short yards casing, and the economic benefit is remarkable.
(3) Manual control length, the sausages adjustable length range is more wider.
(4) Concise appearance, compact structure, low cost maintenance and easy to maintain for normal staff.

Application of Superior Quality Sausage Binding Machine

application of Sausage clipping machine

  1. Sausage knotting machine is semi-automatic equipment.
  2. The sausages with a diameter less than 40mm could feed into the binding machine, and the sausages are moved manually, by adjusting the positioning unit to determine the sausage length range (30-200mm) to carry out the binding.
  3. The machine is applicable to the products made of natural sausage casings as well as collagen, fiber and smoked sausage casings.

Technical Data of Semiautomatic Sausage Linking Machine

Model ZX-I
Capacity 40-60section/min
Casing length 30-200mm
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Dimension 500*1220*1020mm
Material Stainless steel