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Nut Processing Machines

Preprocess nuts such as breaking, shelling, and crushing. Little investment, endless profit.

DCCL Series Roasting Line

We provide the roasting line which can be equipped with a 2m to 10m roasting machine. Besides, the whole line is equipped with a hoist, cooling bed, and vibrating screen to create a fully automatic roasting line, from feeding, roasting, and cooling.

DCLS Series Roasting Line

The DCLS series electromagnetic roasting production line is featured with a high degree of automation, fast speed, high output, and low power consumption. It is for continuous roasting of oilseeds, spices, grain, chemical, feed, etc.

Electromagnetic Roasting Machine

The electromagnetic roasting machine is intelligent, low power consumption, and environment protection. It is a new type of multi-purpose roasting machine for roasting nuts, seeds, beans, red peppers, puffed rice, chili, spice, and so on.

Shop Nut Roaster

Two models of mini nut roaster are available for home use and small shops. 220V voltage and small size make this roaster more convenient to use. Electromagnetic heating technology contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.

Peanut Roasting Machine

The best-value peanut roasting machine is special for making roasted peanut with good taste and beautiful color. Energy-saving, user-friendly, and no pollution to the environment.

Chestnut Roasting Machine

The special chestnut roasting machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. It can roast chestnut automatically, energy-saving, and environment friendly. The chestnut is heated in the roaster evenly, making it's color consistent.

Hazelnut Shelling Machine

We have three hazelnut shelling units for your choice: 200-300kg/h, 300-500 kg/h and 1000kg/h. Our automatic hazelnut cracking shelling unit is of easy operation and excellent separating effect.

Pine Nuts Shelling Machine

It is an original technology, which can be used to size, dehull and separate. Meanwhile, the un-hulled seeds will go back to the dehullers for automatic re-hulling.

Palm Nut Shelling Machine

This palm nuts shelling separating machine is to be used for cracking and separating palm nuts and other nuts, such as apricot nuts, hazel nuts, almond, peanuts etc.

Almond Peeling Machine

Almond peeling machine a necessary device in almond processing to remove the skin of almond kernel. Moderate peeling ways protect almond kernels from being crushed.

Oat Seeds Hulling Line

This hulling and separating equipment features easy and quick installation and no installing experience is required. You can achieve ideal separating result by adjusting angle of screens.

Melon Seeds shelling Machine

Melon seeds de-hulling machine is suitable for hulling watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds; It adopts wet type hulling method, that is to say, the seeds should be soaked before being processed.

Walnut Cracking Machine

Walnut cracking machine can crack English walnut, black walnut, pecan, etc. Walnut shell and kernel separating machine can separate walnut kernels from broken shells.

Industrial Hemp Seed Shelling Machine

Our industrial-hemp-seeds shelling separating unit can finish impurity removing, seed dehulling, kernel peeling, shell and kernel separating and re-separating in one operation, it is an ideal choice for hemp seeds and sunflower seeds processing.

Sunflower Seeds Hulling Line

The sunflower seeds shelling and separating equipment, possesses high automatic characters. The processing flowchart is cracking, shelling, separating, grading and rechecking the sunflower seeds and kernels.

Cashew Nut Shelling Processing Line

All parts in Automatic cashew nut shelling line are controlled by PLC. Fully automatic design can save more working time. High efficiency in shelling and separating machine. The final perfect cashew kernels can reach 98%.

Automatic Nut Roasting Machine

Nut roasting machine is to roast various kinds of nuts automatically.We offer nut peeling machine,nut shelling machine,nut grinding machine, process nut prodoucts.

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