Meat Bowl Cutter Introduction

Meat bowl cutter machine can cut meatloaf, ground meat, fat, and other main raw materials automatically, and blend meat, auxiliary materials and water into emulsifying materials, such as meat stuffing or meat paste by using high-speed rotating cutters. This machine can raise the emulsification, elasticity, and smoothness of the stuffing. It is an ideal equipment for sausages processing and meat processing industry.

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Meat Cutting Mixing Machine Advantages

Made of stainless steel, hygiene, and health, durable use, stable performance.
High-speed rotating cutters, built-in device, low noise, good emulsification effect.
Adjustable blade and bowl rotating speed with high-quality frequency converter and conversion motor
Automatic working, high efficiency, simple and convenient to operate, saving labor.
Unique rotary tooth forms, the mixed material more uniform.
Water-proof design of electrical parts, easy to clean.

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Meat Cutting Mixing Machine Applications

Meat mixing and cutting machine is widely used in the meat processing industry to make stuffing for dumplings factory, sausage factory, steamed stuffed bun shop, hotel, and other food processing plants.

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Meat Bowl Chopper Technical Parameters

Model ZB-5L ZB-20 ZB-40 ZB-80 ZB-80 ZB-125
Capacity (Kg/pot) 3 10 20-30 60-70 60-70 90-100
Cutting blade (pcs) 3 3 3 6 6 6
Cutting blade speed (r/min) 1440 1480/2960 1480/2960 1800/3600 300-3600 300-3600
Pot speed (rpm) 20 23 23 14/20 14/20 14/20
Power (kw) 0.55 4.1 5.1 13.17 13.17 20.67
Dimension(mm) 440*675*335 650*860*950 900*1115*1080 1250*1940*1610 1250*1940*1610 1430*2135*1635
Weight (kg) 56 200 400 800 800 1200
Speed type Single speed Double speed Double speed Double speed Frequency version Frequency version