This Automatic Frozen meat slicer is specially developed for crushing meat without bone frozen from – 18 C to – 24 C. It is directly cut into small pieces or sheets.

The production capacity is 4-5 tons per hour. This machine saves the understanding of frozen section, greatly shortens the meat processing time, reduces the cost and time, maintains the freshness of meat, reduces the infection rate of bacteria, and improves the product quality.


  • Frozen meat slicing machine is the first choice for meat processing and quick freezing industries.
  • It can cut frozen meat from unthawing from- 18 ℃to -24 ℃, 5 – 40 kg into pieces or flakes directly. It is the preceding process of chopper and meat grinder, and is also the preferred equipment for pre-treatment inmeat
  • The frozen meat slicing machine can cut all the standard meat pieces into slices in 13 seconds. Avoid pollution and nutrient loss caused by the mitigation process, ensure the freshness of meat, can save the ice refrigeration process, reduce the user refrigeration costs.
  • Automatic production line can be customized according to customer requirements, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

Technical data

Model QP-5230
Dimension(L*W*H) 2600*1150*1300mm
Capacity 3-4tons/h
Power 11kw
Material slot width 510mm
Material slot height 210mm
Weight 700kg
Material 304 stainless steel