Introduction of Electric Food Drying Machine

  1. Our Food Drying Machine is suitable for heating, solidification, drying and dehydration of many raw materials such as fruit,vegetable, meat, fish, nuts and so on.
  2. It has adopted no noise,high temperature resistance axial flow fan and automatic temperature controlling system. The circle system is fully sealed. It makes the hot efficiency increased from 3-7% of traditional oven to nearly 40%. The maximum hot efficiency can be up to 70%.
  3. All of the Food Drying Machines are produced according to international quality standards and come up to advanced world standards.
  4. They are energy saving and can reduce greatly the products cost and raise economic effect.

food drying ovens

Features of Food Drying Machine

  1. Most of the hot air is circulated in the herbs dehydration machine. By using the forced ventilation function, there is adjustable air distribution inside the oven. The materials can be dried uniformly.
  2. Heating source: electricity, steam, far infrared of steam and electricity.
  3. Temperature allowed with this fruit vegetable dryer heat 50°C-140°C, the maximum is 150°C.
    Electricity heat 50-350°C.
  4. Automatic control system and computer control system for your choice.

deatils and drying result of air drying machine for food

Working principle of Electric Hot Air Circulation Drying Machine

CT-C series hot air circulation tray dryer is the most often used convection chamber dryer. Inside the drying chamber, trays loaded with wet material are placed on top of each other in trolleys.
In the drying process, fresh cold air is sucked into the drying chamber by the circulation fan and flows through the steam radiator or electrical heating tubes installed at the top to get the required temperature. With the help of the air distributor, the hot air evenly flows through each layer of trays for heat transfer and carries away the evaporated moisture. Most of the damp air flows back to the circulation fan for next drying circulation while part of the damp air is exhausted for energy saving. The drying process is a batch type. When the drying is finished, open the chamber door and pull out the trolleys for unloading the dried product.

how is hot air circulated in the drying chamber for drying food

Technical Data of Single-door Drying Machine

Model CT-C-0
Capacity 50kg /batch
Power /steam to be consumed 0.45kw/10kg/h
Baking trays 24
Dimension (mm) 1400*1200*2000
Material sus304