Industrial Food Drying Machine


This industrial food drying machine is mainly used in drying meat, fish, medicine, sesame, vegetables, fruit, seafood, flowers, etc. high heat efficiency, save energy. 

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Commercial Dehydrator Oven for Food


CT-C-I  hot air circulating drying oven is composed of a low noise anti-high temperature axial flow fan and automatic control temperature system. For drying various kind of food with high efficiency.

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Electric Food Dryer Machine


Our Food Drying Machine is suitable for heating, solidification, drying and dehydration of many raw materials such as fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, nuts and so on. The maximum hot efficiency can be up to 70%.

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Hot Air Drying Oven


Hot air circulating oven is to dehydrate fruits and vegetables with forced air. Easy operation and energy saving.

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Multi-layer Belt Food Drying Machine


Belt food drying machine is a continuous penetrating flow dryer which can be used in many fields, such as food industry, pharmaceutical or chemical industry. With perfect performance and a reasonable price.

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Microwave Drying Machine


Good Quality Industrial Microwave Equipment for drying, sterilizing higher value products with less moisture content.

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Microwave Food Drying Machine


Microwave food drying machine is widely applied to dry date,meat,powder,flower tea,etc.PLC controlling system and adjustable power with the least leakage.

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