Drum Type Potato Chips Flavoring Machine

Potato chip seasoning machine can apply seasonings to the potato chips to improve the taste and flavor continuously and automatically. Adopt rotary drum for seasoning and mixing of the chips, achieving uniform seasoning effect and ensuring the integrity of the potato chips. The flavor drum is equipped with screw feeder, which can stir the powder while sprinkling so that to avoid bridging. Adopts vibrating feeding, the feeding amount is adjustable and the seasonings are distributed uniformly. The seasoning tumbler integrates electromagnetism, light-control, electronic control and digital delay, having the features of high automation degree, convenient operation and large capacity.

Technical Parameter

Model BL3000
Power 1.47 kW
Dimension 3000*850*2100 mm
Diameter 750 mm

Advantages of Potato Chips Flavor Drum

1. Wholly made of stainless steel, having strong corrosion resistance.
2. The length and diameter of the seasoning drum can be customized.
3. The tilt of the seasoning drum can be adjusted.
4. Equipped with variable frequency controller, the rotating speed of the coating drum can be adjusted.
5. Potato chip seasoning machine can be used alone or used in the automatic potato chips production line.
6. Flavor drum can be used for seasoning and mixing of any food such as potato chips, french fries, peanut, broad bean, etc.
7. Potato chip seasoning machine is equipped with the elevator to feed the potato chips automatically.
8. The remaining seasonings are sifted out through the mesh at the end and are collected and reused.

Structure and Operation of Potato Chips Seasoning Tumbler

Potato chip seasoning machine consists of base support, rotary drum and its drive system, seasoner dispenser and its drive system.
1. Connect the power supply and put the dry seasonings into the powder dredger.
2. Start the drum motor to make the coating drum run normally. Make sure the rotation direction is correct.
3. By the elevator, the deoiled potato chips are fed continuously to the rotating drum.
4. Start the seasoner dispenser motor. Adjust the motor speed according to the feeding amount. The seasonings are dispensed uniformly into the drum.
5. By the flights in the seasoning drum, the chips are tumbled to mix evenly with the seasonings.
6. Add seasonings into the powder dredger if insufficient.
7. Turn the converter knob to the left if the rotating speed of the drum is too high. The speed can’t be lower than 70% of the maximum speed.
8. Reduce the drum tilt if the potato chips run too fast in the rotating drum.