Introduction of Bone Paste Grinding Machine

Bone grinder is fine processing equipment for bone and meat. It is with multifunction as super pulverizing, shearing, mixing. Material can be ground into 100-200mesh, and with high production capacity. The material can keep fresh and good nutrition. It is ideal equipment for making sausage, Ham, fish ball, dog food, etc.

Bone paste grinding machine

Features of Bone Paste Grinder Machine

1). Bone paste grinder machine can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to your request.
2). It is commonly used with bone crusher to make bone paste. The bone is coarsely ground by bone crusher and then fine ground by bone paste grinder machine.
3). It can process poultry bone, livestock bone, pig skin, fish and so son.
4). The grinding head can be replaced according to your needs.

Bone paste making machine details show

Working Principle of Bone Paste Grinder

  1. Through the relative motion of the stator and rotor with different geometrical shapes under high-speed rotation, when the processed material passes through the adjustable clearance between the stator and rotor under the action of gravity, pressure and centrifugal force, it is effectively broken by the combined force of strong shear force, friction force, impact force and high-frequency vibration. Disperse emulsification and mixing to get ideal products.
  2. There are three grinding zones in the grinding chamber, the first is coarse grinding zone, the second is fine grinding zone, the third is ultra-micro grinding zone. By adjusting the clearance between the stator and rotor, the required ultra-micro grinding effect can be effectively achieved (also can be recycled).

bone paste ground by commercial bone paste grinder machine

Technical data of Commercial Bone Grinder

Model Final Size Capacity Voltage Power Dimension Weight
GN-80 50-100mesh 50-80kg/h 380V 4KW 640*410*900mm 150kg
GN-110 100-200mesh 200-300kg/h 7.5KW 700*430*980mm 175kg
GN-130 100-200mesh 300-500kg/h 11KW 830*440*1100mm 285kg
GN-180 100-200mesh 600-1000kg/h 18.5KW 830*490*1100mm 340kg
GN-240 100-200mesh 1000-1500kg/h 37/45KW 1320*500*1280mm 1300kg
GN-300 100-200mesh 3000-4000kg/h 75/90KW 1440*630*1420mm 1600kg