Launch Digest: Home Health Upgrades, Embroidered Undergarments, And Holiday Sales To Shop By The Fire

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Welcome to another edition of Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. Listen, I’m going to be real with you: it’s a major holiday week, so our launches are all over the map. We covered all of the Christmas and Hanukkah-specific news about a month ago, so what’s left is a smattering of launches foreshadowing the coming of a new year (read: keto cookies and at-home exercise machines). To keep things more sexy than sadistic, I’ve collected better-for-you indulgences, chic Swedish coats to keep you warm, playful embroidered undergarments to keep you flirty, and under-the-radar holiday sales you should be shopping while you temporarily escape from your extended family (whom you love dearly). 

Level Up Your Pilates Game: Take The Damn Machine Home With You, $4,249

Credit: Frame Fitness

Frame Fitness is disrupting the pilates industry – are you hearing this, Silicon Valley? With its revolutionary at-home pilates reformer, Frame is introducing a digitally-connected machine with a compact design and built-in swivel touchscreen to fit in any space. Frame is to Pilates as Peloton was to Spin. The machine is available for pre-order and will go to market officially in January, starting at $4,249 and an additional $39 per month to subscribe to an exclusive video library with over one hundred workouts, including classical pilates, yoga, stretching, cardio, and strength classes. It’s a significant investment. How much are you willing to spend on your health in 2023? 

A Tastier Avenue To Better Health, With None Of The Financial Ruin

Credit: Sundays

Sure, indulgent better-for-you treats won’t get you the same body that a $4,000 pilates machine might. But a happy life is about compromise! And a healthy new year is about small changes that add up to bigger results. Swap your oreo habit for Sundays ($35.97 / 3 boxes), the world’s first-ever zero sugar, low-carb, gluten-free creme cookie. If you’re not sold on the delightful psychedelic branding, perhaps you’ll be convinced by one net carb and seven grams of protein per serving, with no strange aftertaste. Probably perfect when dipped in some pistachio milk, no?

Credit: Moon Magic

And while we’re here, in the dessert aisle, let’s throw some Moon Magic on the side. These dairy-free, keto-friendly, and sustainable chocolate bars are available in scintillating flavors like “Caramel In Retrograde,” “Tropic Of Coconut,” and “Cosmic Crunch.” Sold in 6-packs ($25) ideal for easy snacking. Go ahead, keep the whole stash to yourself.

The Intimates Of Your Dreams Just Launched – And They’re Sustainable, Antibacterial, And Beautiful, from $38

Credit: Dreamer’s Delicates

Dreamers Delicates, which launched just a few months ago, is a small LA-based and woman-owned brand making sustainable and antibacterial intimates that look nothing like the environmentally-responsible (read: boring and synthetic) options of yore. Each pair of Dreamers undergarments is vintage-inspired, embellished with dead-stock trim and embroidered by hand. The items themselves are ethically made in Bali using organic cotton and Ecovero, a new textile derived from wood pulp viscose, which is both lightweight and naturally antibacterial. Icing on the cake? Every pair is absolutely adorable, with beautiful, detailed embroidery – you’ll need the days of the week pack ($190) for quotidian wear, and the heart briefs ($45) for special occasions. And why not get something to show the outside world, too? The Day Dream Dress ($155) might be your new park picnic uniform.

Did You Really Wait This Long To Get A Gift? Fresh Sends Has Your Back, $120

Credit: Fresh Sends

It’s the day before Christmas Eve. We are fully in the midst of Hanukkah. If you’re still in need of an overnight gift, you’re officially insane, but I’d never leave you wanting in such a state of disarray. Fresh Sends, known for its floral delivery excellence, offers The Fresh Set ($120) to pack a triad of floral fragrance that will last far longer than a dozen roses. Featuring a candle with notes of vetiver, sage, jasmine, and patchouli; a perfume that leans more bergamot and fresh orange flower; and a rich hand cream that marries a combination of the fragrances, this box set is not just perfectly packaged, but it also ships next-day with a personalized note. You’ve gone from the most ill-prepared to the most thoughtful gift-giver. A holiday hero’s journey.

Tis The Season: Holiday Sales, For All Your Self-Gifting Wants (And Needs)

If online shopping is your therapeutic drug of choice, what better time to indulge than your holiday break? Sit down with your hot chocolate (or hot toddy): it’s time to build a cart of epic proportions.

Credit: Wooden Spoon Herbs and Miista

Girlfriend Collective, beginning December 26 and running through January 8, is hosting its annual Boxing Day sale, featuring seasonal clearance on already discounted items; tiered promotions (30% off all orders, and increasing discounts for orders above $200); and gifts with purchase galore, from scrunchies to socks to workout dresses – oh my.

Wooden Spoon Herbs, my favorite source for herbal remedies and tinctures that boost immunity and mood, ease anxiety and period cramps, and happen to taste totally delicious, is having a wildly awesome, slightly under-the-radar sitewide sale in honor of the Winter Solstice. From now through the end of the month, get 25% off the whole site – no code required.

If you’re like me, and regularly fantasize about building a shoe collection solely from Miista’s funky clogs, retro-futuristic boots, and sexy strappy sandals, you’re in luck. The London-based brand, which handcrafts all of its shoes in Spain, has a very tantalizing 50% off sale. (The last time Miista had a sale, I splurged on these – one of my best e-commerce decisions.) 

Happy shopping. I’ll be back in the New Year to talk all things 2023 in the DTC universe. Email me directly – – with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit.

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