Introduction of Automatic Sausage Tying Machine

Automatic sausage tying machine is a necessary equipment on the commercial processing production of sausage. It can improve the product finished rate of the commercial sausage production, as well as can save the cost, reduce the unnecessary trouble from big sausage equipment. This equipment diameter size is 9~45mm.

Automatic sausage linking machine

Features of Automatic Sausage Linking Machine

  1. Reduce the worker’s work intensity, the operator only need to put the filling sausage into the machine’s inlet and outlet, the machine will automatically complete the sausage feeding and ligation process.
  2. It greatly improves the efficiency of sausage production. Normally, the efficiency of sausage automatic wiring is 100 pieces per minute, which can be set in the range of 10-100 pieces per minute according to customer’s requirements.
  3. It is clean and environmentally friendly. Because the equipment is mainly made of SUS304 stainless steel suitable for food, the sausage is not exposed to other metals in the production process, so the sausage produced meets more and more stringent sanitary requirements of people.
  4. The manipulation of the machine is very simple. Because of the LCD touch screen with man-machine dialogue, the machine can automatically and efficiently complete all the work after setting the length and speed.

sausage link machine

Parameter of Automatic Sausage Tier Machine

Model ZX-A
Power 4.5kw
Casing length 3-300mm
Diameter of sausage casing Ф9-45mm
Capacity 10-100pcs/min
Dimension(L*W*H) 1100*500*900mm
Weight 100kg