Introduction of Nine-roller Automatic Poultry Defeathering Machine

Poultry de-feathering machine is the necessary equipment for poultry processing. Nine-roller automatic poultry plucking machine is specially designed for small and medium-sized users to de-feathering chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, etc. The automatic poultry de-feathering machine has been upgraded many times to achieve fully automatic control, effectively reducing labor intensity, and improving the efficiency of feather plucking.

Poultry defeathering machine

Application of Automatic Poultry Plucking Machine

This poultry de-feathering machine is suitable for small and medium-sized poultry farms and poultry processing factory. It also can be used in canteens, restaurants, and pasta processing workshops. It is an ideal equipment to replace manual work, reduce labor intensity, and meet the requirements of people’s diet and hygiene. It can also be used for mixing and stirring other similar materials.

poultry farms

Features of Automatic Poultry Plucker Machine

  • The automatic poultry plucking machine is made of high-quality international standard stainless steel materials (201/304) with fine workmanship.
  • With a unique design, advanced technology, stable operation, and simple operation.
  • The machine is featured with low noise, flexible and convenient adjustment;
  • The machine can be used for multiple purposes, easy to clean.

features of High Quality Poultry Plucker Machine

Technical Data of Nine-roller Automatic Poultry Plucker Machine

Voltage 380 V
Motor Power 2.2 + 1.5 kW
Heating Power 18 kW
Capacity 400-600 pcs /hr
Dimension 2040*1080*1050 mm
Weight 850 kg