Green Banana Peeling Machine(Two feed inlets)

We manufacture small green banana peeling machine to quickly remove the green banana peel by adopting artificial feeding and automatic peeling technology. The machine’s production capacity is around 320 KG/H(Depending on the size of the banana). And the green banana peel can be removed cleanly and the flesh keeps intact. For any bend of bananas, any size of bananas, any shape of bananas can be peeled perfectly by this machine, with features of fast peeling and good effect, the green banana peeler is a unique banana skin removing machine at present, and it is also an indispensable product for banana processing plants around the world.

raw banana peeling machine

  • Advantages and characteristics of green banana peeler

  1. By adopting artificial feeding method, the green banana peeler with two feed inlets can satisfy two people operating simultaneously and its capacity is 320KG/H.
  2. With features of low waste content and high yield, banana can be peeled cleanly by this machine, and the banana flesh won’t be damaged, no pollution.
  3. Small banana peel removing machine is suitable for peeling green banana and no demand to the size, bend of banana.
  4. The banana skin and flesh are separated after peeling and automatically discharged.
  5. The wear parts of the machine are in accordance with international standards. For example, The conveyor chain, bearing, and frame, etc.

  • Banana peeling machine’s technical parameters

Product name Voltage Power Capacity
Small green banana peeler 380/220V 0.74KW 320 KG/H


Ripe Banana Peeling Machine

Automatic ripe banana peeling machine is specially designed for removing ripe banana peel by adopting fully automatic peeling method with the integration of conveyor belt automatic feeding, cutting root and mechanized peeling processing technology. This machine is suitable for various kinds of ripe bananas of any bends, sizes, and shapes at one time, and it is the world’s original production of the latest technology.

automatic ripe banana peeling machine peeling steps

  • Automatic ripe banana peeler’s advantages

  1. This peeling machine is integrated with automatic feeding and peeling
  2. By using automatically peeling method, the material can be peeled clean, and pulp is smooth without damage.
  3. The machine’s belt conveys the banana smoothly, without interruption.
  4. The machine is adapted to the peeling of ripe bananas.
  5. The peeled banana flesh and peel are automatically separated and discharged.
  6. The machine has high output: 1000 kg – 2000 kg per hour.
  • Technical parameters of full-automatic banana peeling machine

Product name Automatic ripe banana peeling machine(Single conveyor belt ) Automatic ripe banana peeling machine(Double conveyor belts)
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 1.5KW 2KW
Equipment size 2.2M*1.1M*1.5M 2.85M*1.52M*1.85M
Capacity 300-500KG/H 1000-1200KG/H
  • Structure of ripe banana peeler machine

The structure of ripe banana peeler is made up of four main parts.

  1. Frame

The frame is the main bearing part of the entire peeling unit, conveying unit and motor. In order to bear vibrations and instability of the other parts under working conditions, the whole frame is made of 304 stainless steel, and the size of the frame is in accordance with international standards, which is strong and firm.

  1. Conveying unit
  • Conveying belt

There are two parallel canvas belts moving on vertical pulleys for conveying the banana to the slitting unit.

  • Belt support plate

In order to avoid the side slipping of the belt, a piece of metal plate is fitted at the bottom side of the conveying belt.

  • Pusher

Pusher is placed on the transmission belt surface and is connected with two parallel moving bands. The main function of the pusher is pushing forward the banana and conveying it to the peeling unit.

  • Guiding plate

The driving plate is placed on the surface of the belt which works as guiding channel for banana and also provides support & direction to banana.

Please note, the distance between this steel plate is adjusted by hand according to the varies sizes of banana.

  • Cutting part

The cutting part is made up of two blades, one is fitted above the belt and the other is placed below the belt. The steel blades have enough sharpness to slit the banana peels into two parts.

  • Flesh collection part

The peeled banana flesh would be collected to this part.

  1. Peeling unit
  • Telescopic channel

The telescopic channel is comprised of two MS channels, one is nestled inside the other. This channel is adjustable automatically according to banana sizes which can reduce the damage to banana. Rollers and pins are placed on the telescopic channel.

  • Rollers and pins

There are two equivalent rollers & pins fitting on the telescoping channel and they are made of soft steel. Ball bearings are placed in the inner side of rollers for giving fluent push on the surface of banana.

  • Spring

Two elastic springs are placed on the pins of the peeling unit, one is placed above the rollers and other is placed below the rollers with the functions of shock absorption. When the banana passes through the rollers, the distance between rollers could be automatically adjusted with the help of springs. The spring is made up with mild steel spring grade material.

  • Separating unit

The separating unit is comprised of nuts&bolts and separating bars which are placed on the telescopic channel. The separating bars have enough strength to peel the banana skins with the working principle of penetrating between peel and flesh of banana and removing the peels. The clearance between the separating bar and roller is adjustable, too.

  1. Electric power transmission part

Electricity transmission unit is comprised of electric motor and v-belt which connects the electric motor to the vertical conveying pulley.