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Here at The Quality Edit, we’re self-proclaimed product experts with a knack for gifting and online shopping. We created Matchmaker to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ask us anything and we’ll deliver hand-curated recommendations just for you! Want a chance to get a custom product rec of your own? Slide into our DMs or email me at hello@thequalityedit.com. Let’s make some matches! 

Reader: Hi Lillie! A little late to the whole summer bod thing but can you help me find a healthy protein bar that’s still delicious?

Gluten-free bars that taste like your favorite snacks.
Credit: @unitefood

Lillie: I am a big protein bar fanatic – they make a great on-the-go snack and help you reach your daily protein goal. However, I’ve tried a ton that are dry, bland and simply don’t taste good. Then I discovered these Churro flavored bars from UNiTE ($29 for 12 bars) and was completely blown away at how delicious they are. Each bar has crunchy almonds, just a hint of vanilla and is dusted all over with cinnamon – yes, we are still talking about protein bars here. Not a churro fan? Well, that’s a conversation for another day. In the meantime, the brand also has flavors like Peanut Butter Jelly and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Reader: I’m looking for a bug spray, something to help me with all the dang mosquitos, please!

Summer road trip and outdoor essentials.
Credit: @kinfield

Lillie: Camping is one of my favorite activities in the summer. Minus just one thing – the mosquitoes. As a self-proclaimed mosquito magnet, there is one product I swear by: Golden Hour by Kinfield ($22). It’s a clean bug spray that doesn’t stink and works really well. (It actually smells really good – like so good that I’ve even had friends ask me what scent I’m wearing!) 

Kinfield recently launched its travel-friendly wipes version ($20) of Golden Hour. You can slip these into your backpack, carry-on, or pocket to enjoy those dreamy twilight hours mosquito-free.

Reader: Hosting a picnic for a few friends and need help finding a quality picnic blanket for everyone to sit on, thanks!

Lightweight, beautiful towels and blankets made from recycled waste.
Credit: @withflowe

Lillie: Okay, hear me out. While this is not a blanket per-se, I find these towels so beautiful and functional that I would totally bring them to a picnic. A few weeks ago, I discovered this brand called Flowe: the brand makes sustainable, multi-purpose performance towels ($49) in beautiful colors and designs. Each towel is thin, lightweight and made to accompany you on your travels, beach trips, and daily adventures. My favorite design right now is this limited edition  guava-inspired pink and red striped colorway.

Reader: I’m starting to look for fall makeup staples, any suggestions?

Saie’s newest drop is a must-have for Fall.
Credit: @saiebeauty

Lillie: Ah, two of my favorite things – fall and beauty. I can absolutely help you out with finding some new makeup staples as the seasons change. One of my favorite beauty brands, Saie, just dropped Lip Blur: its soft-matte hydrating lipstick ($24). It’s available in six different shades, ranging from a burnt terracotta to a bright raspberry. Lip products are such a great fall staple because it’s a quick and easy way to accessorize and elevate your outfits. 

Other fall makeup staples I’d recommend include a lightweight pressed powder ($45), a brown pencil liner ($28) and a warm eyeshadow palette ($38).

Reader: I’m moving away to school for the first time, do you have any dorm room items that I should add to my list?

Back to school season if fully upon us!
Credit: @mybearaby

Lillie: How exciting! I remember moving away from home for the first time and feeling so excited to live with my friends. The shopping list gets quite long, but I will share a few items that I treasured when I was in college. The first is a thick and cozy blanket ($250). College can feel lonely sometimes and curling up under my favorite blanket always made me feel safe and warm. Another item I always had were candles ($32). Especially in shared places in the apartment, having candles made it such a welcoming environment. And finally, tupperware and reusable cups ($25-$60) were a necessity for us, especially as we were sneaking food from the cafeteria back to our rooms at 11pm! 

That’s a wrap on this month’s edition of Matchmaker. I’ll see you in September for more product recommendations and fun gift ideas. 

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