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Meat Processing Machines

Process meat products with different tastes from stewing to BBQ, reasonable price!

Frozen Meat Cutting Machine

Frozen meat cutting machine is to cut frozen meat to dice,slice and piece.It is made of high quality stainless steel,simple operation,reliable performance and high efficiency.

Brine Injecting Machine

Brine injector machine is to inject salt water or saline to meat blocks evenly for making palatable meat products in meat processing plants. Easy operation and low cost.

Poultry Meat Cutting Machine

Poultry meat cutting machine can cut meat with bones and is popular in cutting all kinds of cartilage poultry meat into nuggets or pieces, such as chicken breast, duck meat, and fish, large capacity, low noise.

Jacketed Cooking Pot

Jacketed cooking pot is wonderful equipment to offer people soup or other food products for commercial use. Stainless steel material, optional capacity, and engine; High cooking efficiency.

Fish Scaling Machine

Fish scaling machine is to remove fish scale from all types of fishes. Just put fish and water into the machine. Easy to operate.

Fish Skinning Machine

Fish skinning machine is necessary for fish processing plants or industry to remove fish skin. Large capacity, easy operation.

Pork Skin Peeling Machine

This pork skin peeling machine is a special equipment used to remove the peel of pig meat and deoil the pigskin, which provides efficient machining method for food processing.

Fish Cutting Machine

Fish cutting machine is to cut fish into fish slices, fish blocks, and small fish fillets and for further processing. Easy to operate and save energy.

Whole Pig &Sheep Gas Roaster

The gas sheep and pig roaster is made of stainless steel case design,equipped with 360° rotating hanging rack;high temperature resistance.Ideal for roasting food investment.

Household Meat Grinder

Mini household meat grinding machine enjoys wide popularity among housewives as its convenience to grind clean meat. High automation and energy saving.

Microwave Pigskin Puffing Machine

Microwave pigskin puffing machine is widely used for puffing meat, grains and making puffed food products. Easy operation, low energy consumption, and ideal investment.

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