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We supply an extensive and varied selection of food processing and packaging machinery.

You will have peace of mind that when making your equipment purchase from us you will receive the right machine for your application.

Bestsell Potato Chips Machines

Offer the best potato chips machine price for you. Get Quotation Now!

Small Potato Chips Plant

Small potato chips plant is flexible to install for potato chips processing. We offer customized service for small potato chips line. Ideal snack investment.

Small French Fries Plant

This french fries plant is special for making frozen French fries in a small scale. 100kg/h, 200kg/h and 400kg/h, three capacity model for your choice.

Baked Compound Potato Chips Production Line

Compound potato chips baking production line uses potato flakes as the raw material through mixing, pressing, forming, baking, spraying, seasoning, cooling and packing process. With high automation, simple & stable operation and lower cost, this line is welcomed by food manufacturers at home and abroad.

Oil-fried Compound Potato Chips Production Line

Compound oil-fried potato chips production line processes potato powder into potato chips through mixing, pressing, rolling, frying, seasoning & packing. The line has advantages of high-quality potato chips, low oil loss, top quality material, accurate control of frying system, excellent oil filtration system.

Snack Making Machines

A perfect choice for snack product plants or street corner stand owners. Easy operation, high efficiency!

极速赛车官方开奖-极速赛车开奖直网 Pasta & Grain Processing Machines

Competitive price and durability.

Soya Milk Machine

Soya milk machine can be used to make tasty soymilk and used together with tofu press machine to make soya paneer. The machine first grinds the soybean and then boil the soybean milk.

Tofu Making Machine

Tofu making machine is to form soya paneer in a large capacity for wide commercial use. Double row pneumatic to make integral and good tofu. Affordable.

Bean Sprouts Machine

Bean sprout machine is automatically used to make various sprout food. Large capacity and quick profit. Worth food investment.

Automatic Animal Fodder Sprouting Machine

Automatic animal fodder sprouting machine is used to promote the growth of animal feed forage grass. The sprouts machine can short the growth cycle of sprouts, especially in winter or low room temperature.

Straight Roller Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors and powered roller conveyors are reliable; convenient in operation and maintenance, an essential transportation tool in food processing factory.

Food Packaging Equipment

Find great deals here for Food Packaging Machine. Buy with confidence.

As a trustable food packing machine manufacturer, we can supply you good quality food packing machines like liquid packing machine, powder food packing machine. etc


Nut Processing Machines

Preprocess nuts such as breaking, shelling, and crushing. Little investment, endless profit.

DCCL Series Roasting Line

We provide the roasting line which can be equipped with a 2m to 10m roasting machine. Besides, the whole line is equipped with a hoist, cooling bed, and vibrating screen to create a fully automatic roasting line, from feeding, roasting, and cooling.

DCLS Series Roasting Line

The DCLS series electromagnetic roasting production line is featured with a high degree of automation, fast speed, high output, and low power consumption. It is for continuous roasting of oilseeds, spices, grain, chemical, feed, etc.

Electromagnetic Roasting Machine

The electromagnetic roasting machine is intelligent, low power consumption, and environment protection. It is a new type of multi-purpose roasting machine for roasting nuts, seeds, beans, red peppers, puffed rice, chili, spice, and so on.

Shop Nut Roaster

Two models of mini nut roaster are available for home use and small shops. 220V voltage and small size make this roaster more convenient to use. Electromagnetic heating technology contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.

Peanut Roasting Machine

The best-value peanut roasting machine is special for making roasted peanut with good taste and beautiful color. Energy-saving, user-friendly, and no pollution to the environment.

Chestnut Roasting Machine

The special chestnut roasting machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. It can roast chestnut automatically, energy-saving, and environment friendly. The chestnut is heated in the roaster evenly, making it's color consistent.

Hazelnut Shelling Machine

We have three hazelnut shelling units for your choice: 200-300kg/h, 300-500 kg/h and 1000kg/h. Our automatic hazelnut cracking shelling unit is of easy operation and excellent separating effect.

Pine Nuts Shelling Machine

It is an original technology, which can be used to size, dehull and separate. Meanwhile, the un-hulled seeds will go back to the dehullers for automatic re-hulling.

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